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PHP Programming

After Mark Zuckerburg developed Facebook using PHP, it became a trend. But that is not the only thing making it one of the top 5 Programming Languages.

Primarily, PHP is a without a doubt very fine language. Have you observed that almost all websites are using PHP?

With Web development on the rise, you can easily find small or big web development companies. But one big edge PHP Developers have over others in the programming field, PHP is very easy to understand.

If you are an expert in PHP, you can opt for freelancing projects. It allows you to earn handsome income without actually working in a 9 to 5 job.

As you gain more experience in this field, your demand increases with MNCs as well. PHP is one of the quick-growing web development technologies. But it is important to have up to date knowledge with familiarity with other technologies to reap the full benefits.

Applications/Companies Relying On PHP

Apart from being an open-source contribution, it is in demand with CMS development. Large companies such as Apple and Google are also working on its features such as open-source development.

Salary for PHP Developer

PHP Developer Salary

The average salary of a PHP Developer is $86,616

As of PHP professional, you can earn $86,616 per annum. As your experience increases in this Programming Language, your salary package also increases. Without experience, you can expect a salary of ₹83,000 but after 3 years of experience.

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