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JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is a client-side Programming Language. Node.js developer can also use JavaScript as a server-side Programming Language. This Programming Language is most often used in web development.

Its use in dynamic web page development is also very common. Invented in 1995, it has a huge scope in 2020. More or less all the browsers have support for JavaScript Programming Language. This is because it is the only Programming Language that makes it possible to create more dynamic co

JavaScript promises you:

  • Quick removal of bugs
  • Easy object development
  • Code snippets

Indeed it has a bright future ahead.

Applications / Companies Relying On JavaScript

JavaScript Programming is almost used everywhere on the Internet. It is to web developers what Oxygen is to Human Beings. Microsoft’s browser, Firefox, Netscape, etc. are some of the browsers using JavaScript. It is also used in building websites and web applications. Gaming, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, etc. have welcomed JavaScript’s presence.

Salary for JavaScript Professional

The average salary of an experienced Developer in JavaScript Programming is ₹4.25 lakhs per year in India.

Javascript programmer salary

The average salary of a JS professional is $105,418

There is no doubt that it will remain the chief language of the web development field. It will keep up with being a favored choice for applications on the server-side in 2020 as well.

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