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Python is a multi-paradigm Programming Language invented by Guido van Rossum. It has features of traditional and modern Programming Languages such as C and Java.

It is one of the rapidly growing Programming Languages. It has experienced a fortunate span of 20+ years.

This success tells that Python has a promising future in the Programming Languages world in 2020.

Python has always been the number one choice for development plans. It has large programming community group support forums as well. You might face issues writing the Python program. Posting right to the python programming community will get you the help you longed for. Not only that, you will be let known of many fresh ideas regarding technology and upcoming versions of Python Programming in 2020.

Applications/Companies Relying On Python Programming

You can do anything with Python programming. There are many technologies coming in 2020 that rely on Python Programming. Artificial IntelligenceBig DataNetworkingMachine Learning are some of these technologies of 2020. YouTube, Instagram, Flipkart are some of the websites developed using Python. Nasa, Google, Red Hat, etc. use powerful features of Python Programming to yield high-quality performance.

Salary for Python Developer

The arrival and advancement of Information Technology in 2020 demand a lot from programmers.

Python programmer salary

Average Salary of Python Developer is $103, 587

Due to this, opportunities in Python programming careers have grown. Organizations are offering high salaries expert candidates of Python Programming skills. Salaries for Python Programming Job Profiles range from ₹336k per year to ₹816,147k per year. Without a doubt, with experience and excellent skills in this Programming Language, your salary package has no limit.

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